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General Medicine Tips and Information

Not all medications are consumed after a meal, some medications should instead be consumed before eating or in an empty stomach. During this time the hereditary habits given this slowly should be established and formed a new habit that provides optimum treatment effect for your recovery.If you get medication make sure you understand how to consume the drug.

It is important that you take tablets with a glass of water, and avoid taking the drug by drinking alcohol because it will interfere with the body’s metabolism, do not take medication with a drink containing Soda to prevent drug interactions with soda liquid, do not drink with water too hot, or too cold because it is less comfortable.

In general these are somethings you need to note;

1. Drink tablets before meals. Drugs such as antibiotic  Ampicillin and Erythromicin should be drunk in an empty stomach. It will cause the drug to be optimal so that you get the expected efficacy. Although sometimes this is not conveyed you should pay attention to how to take this medication.

2. Chewable Tablet
Antacids tablets such as PromagMylantaAntacid, should be crush and then swallowed. This provides faster drug work and the effect of gastric acid reduction is expected to be quickly felt. It is not necessary to do if you consume antacids syrup.

3. Birth control pills.
Contraceptive tablets should be taken at the same time at a certain time, suppose you want to drink it during the day then you should drink it during the day during treatment. This cause drug  levels become stable and can maintain an effective rate in the blood.

4. Sublingual Tablets.
 is a tablet that is consumed by placing under the tongue. It is important that you know how this tablet is used because if the tablet is immediately swallowed, it is likely that the tablet will not be effective

5. Slow Release /Controlled ReleaseTablets.
slow-release/Controlled Release preparations are usually characterized by an additional name-SR,-OD,-OROS etc, if you consume this type of tablet then you should swallow the tablet in whole , never to bite or chew on this tablet that will cause this dosage formulation defective. This Tablet works normally for approximately 8-10 hours with a slow  release. If you break it up then  the formula is loose, it is reduced below 6 hours.

6. Efferfescent.
Tablet RedoxonSupradynBerocca, is an example of this tablet, you have to dissolve it in a glass of water until the tablet dissolves and then you consume it. Some of the best-known efferfescent powders in Indonesia are: Hemaviton Jreng, extra Joss which must also be dissolved before consumption.

7. Tetracycline.
Tetracycline tablet should not be taken with milk because it will cause the active substance to form chelates that will lead to unefficacious substances. It is important to know before you buy the drug whether it contains tetracycline or not.

8. Rifampicine Tablets.
 Tablet will cause your urine to be colored brown to red, no need to fear because indeed this drug causes side effects of colored urine. Some substances that give urine discoloration include: Phenolpthalein (pink) and Triamterene (blue)

9. Drink with plenty of water.
 you consume a Cotrimoksazole tablet/syrup, make sure you drink plenty of water  while consuming this medication.

10. Taking medication at night,
Simvastatin tablets should be consumed at night,  if consumed at night Simvastatin will give a better  mechanism to decrease LDL.

Remember you should always consult a doctor and pharmacist who serves you how to take the right medication. It is given that in one treatment you will get some kind of medication so it is important to prevent the interactions, reactions and adverse effects of the drug  you will consume.

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