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Best Coffee in Palopo

Every coffee had a story sometime philosophy, that night I was stranded on the sidewalk town of Palopo. 400  km from Makassar.There was a yellow Suzuki Katana car stopping, after getting acquainted with his driver named Akram, he said always drink coffee there because the coffee was good. If in ...

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General Medicine Tips and Information

Not all medications are consumed after a meal, some medications should instead be consumed before eating or in an empty stomach. During this time the hereditary habits given this slowly should be established and formed a new habit that provides optimum treatment effect for your recovery.If you get medication make sure you understand how to ...

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Do Indonesian Need Truvada Tablet ?

Since August 2, 2004, the FDA approved  indication of  Truvada tablet  to prevent or control HIV infection. Made by the Gilead Sciences Factory. Inc. Truvada Tablet is a combination of two different substances, containing emtricitabine and tenofovir. (Emtricitabine is called a nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor, while tenofovir is called a ...

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